27 year old Dutch artist Nick Van Hofwegen is a serious double threat. Working under the name Young and Sick, Hofwegen has been making a name for himself in both the music and art world by serving as the man behind the album art of lots of albums that have been in the ‘top 10’ in the past couple of years (like Maroon 5, Robin Thicke, Mikky Ekko, and Foster the People just to name a few). But when he isn’t designing iconic album art or fashionable designs for Urban Outfitters, he’s creating a unique blend of soul, R&B, and indie that’s gaining him lot’s of well-deserved attention from the music world that you need to check out right this second!



“Heartache Fetish” instantly grabs your attention with strong vocal harmonies singing, “Slip into my drink/ Sneak into my veins and knock me out cold,” and that’s exactly what this song does. Featuring futuristic synths and a slow, electronic beat that supports the spotlight-stealing vocals, it will be a awesomely sexy three minutes and ten seconds of your life that you will be glad you experienced.



“Continuum” is a slow-jam with vocals reminiscent of bands like MGMT and Foster the People, but honestly better. The track features shimmery, electronic beats and synths that are truly infectious and proves this new artist has what it takes to keep churning out captivating music. With lyrics like, “I’ll wait, my love/ But it gets harder and harder/ To breath/ My love,” it can stir up various emotions about being in a relationship and trying to survive the rough patches.

To keep up with this insanely busy and talented guy, make sure you show Young and Sick some support by ‘liking’ his FaceBook page because I’m sure he’ll be creating even more fantastic work in the very near future.

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