New Artist Finds: Young Galaxy


Well it looks to me like "Pretty Boy" the video by Young Galaxy was shot in Brooklyn on a bad day and kids... Did I just say kids? I really meant to say HEY KIDS...don't take acid because if you do you'll probably look like Pretty Boy by the time you're 37. Yeah and doesn't matter what sex you too many hits of acid on a school day will do this to you:



The good news is there will always be work for you as a poster child for the benefits of excessive drug use. And I ain't talking tequila shooters baby. I'm talking X laced acid. Now there's an interesting combo for you. Sorta like the Young Galaxy/Pretty Boy combo burger available only at Pretty Boy Burgers of Venice Beach, CA. But what the hell...I'm not here to talk about the merits of their Acid Burger. I'm here to chit chat about Young Galaxy. Then again Pretty Boy is a good name for a hit of acid. Sure better than windowpane, sunshine or rainbow.

Young Galaxy is a Canadian indie electro/pop band formed in 2005 in Vancouver. The members are Stephen Ramsay (vocals/guitar), Catherine McCandless (vocals/keyboards), Stephen Kamp (bass/vocals), Matthew Shapiro (keys/guitar), and Andrea Silver (drums) and are now based in Montreal. They have toured North America as well as Europe. You can check them out here in full. My bet is they'll be featured in this section of BitCandy very soon: Indie Pop.

Thanks and credit goes to PavitB, our Curator who turned us on the band and is now heading strong, making her way up to Position #3 in the Top Curators at BitCandy.  Congrats Pavit!