OH YEAH!!! I'm feeling good today LA, and I hope you are too. So I know by now you've heard Happy by Pharrell and its many accompanying versions / remixes / reworks, etc. and probably love it as much as we do, but damn I don't have much of an attention span and I'm always looking for something new to party with. Luckily, my friends at BitCandy are constantly highlighting artists capable of bringing that happiness out in a different way on the daily. Today's dose of happiness is LA/SF electronic producer ZHU.



He's got an upbeat swag about his style that is both inviting, friendly, and throbbing-drunkenly faded. These are late night tunes, for those in the depths of the 1:30am come-down looking for your next shot of adrenaline, or at least for the next bar to hop into. He's boasting some serious ego with these tunes as well. He may not flaunt it with diamond rings and gold chains, but his production quality is nothing short of platinum or gold. Progressive-electro is something I'm fascinated by, because it seems like it is becoming increasingly harder for artists to release songs that capture a certain type of artistic and professional capability while remaining open and ready for the public to grasp and drink down like the last drop of wine on earth...



But for those who care more about the style, groove, and flow of the dance rather than making sure the choreographed notes are spot on, these tracks are for you. Especially clean, his Ms. Jackson remix of the newly reunited Outkast is nothing short of absolutely spectacular, and features an absolutely wonderful vocal remix and harmony layover of entirely different take on the songs original stature...which is decidedly a good thing after hearing some of the reviews of Outkast's first performance back at Coachella. Was it really that bad? Are they too old? Or was it that the sound people were clearly fucked up and no handle on the sound? or was it a sandstorm? I'm sure any one of those things could have have taken place, but hey that's why we love festivals!?? I'm just kidddingggg..



This guy just keeps killin it. Scrolling down his sound cloud page is fun because you're always going to find some kind of awesome audio surprise your ears will be happy to hear. Pretty much like Superfriends. Yeah, pump this one up to eleven and get your party started riiiiiiiighttt.



So remember, be happy and not sad! Or be sad about being overwhelmingly happy. I'm not sure anymore, whatever works!



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