New Urban Chill Find: Slow Magic


This chair I'm sitting in is straight killing my ass. Hard plastic, gum caked and worn throughout the years, I can even see the faint <3 that is carved in the edge of the desk so perfectly that no teacher could see it. Shit, the teacher wants our attention..."Now class, please sit down and watch this video on the greattt inspiring......." and it happens...something magically meanders its way through my bloodstream and I can't help but be slowly transported into the dimension that is controlled by Slow Magic.

Everything I said previously, applied to this's a 3 minute and 14 second journey back to the days of feeling alive and curious; not necessarily shackled down by the constraints of responsibility. A time when one can play drums and frolick around in the plains and the woods and the forest wearing an animal mask... trying to become one with all that is out there. Not much is known about this artist either, labeled as... "music by your imaginary friend."

If you are fans of sounds like early Millionyoung, Washed Out, and Toro y Moi, this will probably find a home in your tape deck, or a-trak player or whatever it is kids use these days. And yes, I am that snobby referencing early Millionyoung, who hasn't even been out long enough to have an early or late period, but that's just how I roll.

This may sound like your standard chill / dream / bliss-wave or whatever, but its done in a way that sounds different every time. Take, for example, "On Yr Side..."

Completely different sound than the previous song. And on that note, go back and listen to all three again. I can dig it. Just enough variation to keep rittalin-poppin kids' ears on lock (and old man's ears, like myself too). Slow Magic has some seriously epic tunes. And because we love you guys here at BitCandy, you don't even have to leave us, just scroll below to listen to their latest album....Yes, I know we are awesome. Enjoy!