New Singer/Songwriter: K.S. Rhoads


Nashville seems like the type of place in which you can't swing a bat without hitting a singer-songwriter. Standing out in such an over-populated crowd takes more than talent, luck, and hard work. To set yourself apart from the masses in Tennessee's capital city, you have to have something else. And whatever the fuck that magical intangible is, K.S. Rhoads seems to have it.  

(And by the way Congrats to our new Curator, Francis who made the grade with his first Curator discovery, K.S. Rhoads.  Hint: learn more how this could be!)


"The Wilderness"

Rhoads moved to Nashville in 2001, but his critically lauded debut album, Dead Language, didn't come out til six years later. The time spent honing his craft is beginning to pay off for this multi-talented artist. He is continually sought out in the musically robust city in which he lives to collaborate, produce, or provide string-arrangements for songs. And while Rhoads keeps himself busy making other people's music sound better, his best efforts are saved for his own work.



Born in Tucson, Arizona (just like me!), Rhoads family moved across the country before eventually settling in Florida. Rootlessness is a major theme in his work, specifically his latest effort, The Wilderness. K.S. (who's not telling anyone what those initials stand for) picked up a Bachelors in Arts in Religion from Texas Christian University. Given his current line of employment, as well the fact that he's talked at length about how "The Wilderness" is about man's feeling of displacement in the universe, it's safe to say he's not using that degree in every possible sense.



There's a bit of a groundswell growing up around The Wilderness, and it's possible that as more people get around to listening to it it could launch Rhoads on the path to stardom. That or it'll be one of the under appreciated gems of the year. Regardless, The Wilderness is the type of work that starts a conversation. And given the quality of the work K.S. Rhoads has already put out, it doesn't seem like it'll be ending anytime soon.


"The Last Goodbye"

One more thing, thanks to Duffster for introducing us to Mr. Rhoads. He's been on a role lately!