New Artist: HAERTS (Dream Pop)


Brooklyn, New York, has produced many great things, i.e. the Dodgers (sike!), Cheesecake, hot dogs, but most relevant to this post...HAERTS! No, this is not a typo, this is the latest in Dream Pop.

HAERTS, led by St. Lucia’s very own Jean Philip-Grobler and frontwoman Nini Fabi are onto something big. Other than the fact that their music is pretty great, Nini’s vocals have a reminiscent aura of Stevie Nicks (one of the greatest singers ever!), but with a fresh modern beat to back it up. So, imagine my surprise when I clicked the play button on their single "Wings." It’s a track that will make you smile, and the title fits appropriately because you will find yourself drifting with ease through creamed whipped layers of upbeat, dreamy synths. Listen below, and enjoy their refreshing morbid sense of humor.



For now, this is all we’ve heard from the duo, with just one song on their soundlcoud I will sit here and wait for their next track and when it comes your arses better be ready! Oh, and don’t thank me for this piece of liquid gold, thank the curator out there who brought it to our attention!


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