New Artist: Light Asylum (Industrial Pop)


A fixture of Brooklyn music circles for years, Shannon Funchess lent her sharped-tooth howls to TV on the Radio and !!! before teaming up with synth guru Bruno Coviello and unleashing this beast of a goth-punk project upon the world. Though it's important to list their current location as Berlin, as the industrial edge that they exude is just perfect for superclubs made out of old insane asylums and prisons.

What makes the two so compelling though is their ability to get exact with their pop hooks. It ain't all whips and chains. Funchess has this Zola Jesus phoenix-finesse about her that when paired with a swirling vox stride from Coviello can get anthemic; see "Shallow Tears." Doubled with the fact that they're not just slinging empty aggression into the mix, it makes sense why James Murphy was rumored to have wanted to try and blow 'em up with the production they deserve. Here's to hoping that happens. Also, they dig apocalyptic mud orgies:


Light Asylum - Heart Of Dust

Another great one we're loving of equal awesomeness. 


Light Asylum - Skull Fuct

Admittedly, some of these tracks are not brand spanking new. ("Skull Fuct" came out in 2011). But that doesn't stop rad from being rad.


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