New Electro Find: Carlos Serrano

New Electro Find: Carlos Serrano.  Curated and Written by Reeno Buzzhawk.


Ah, the intranets - harbinger of porn, defiler of privacy and of course, #1 public enemy of vinyl. That is, in the DJ sense of the format.  If wax could talk it would probably unfurl a Hitler hate speech on Steve Jobs, God rest his soul.


Not that records personified are solely the mirror image of the most evil and hated mustached German of all time. Or maybe they are - karma, bitch - the point is that any dude or dudette with a computer can play mad beat-kitchen scientist from anywhere in the world with the entire history of music without ever touching a record bin.


Or even leaving their home. 


But this isn't a tech diatribe. And if it were, we'd be loving the player and the game, because there's a 22-year-old knob-twiddler from San Diego who's all but a poster child for the glory of this whole digital-killed-the-vinyl-star world, making Girl Talk look like an adderall-chomping chump.


His name is Carlos Serrano.  He's great at mashups.  And he's got class.


Notorious B.I.G. vs Nicolas Jaar - Keep Me Suicidal (Carlos Serrano Mix)




Of course the other edge to the sword is that hisSoundCloud account traces back to a rough start, butchering a played-out Kanye stacking upon The XX. But cover your ears and uncover them at Adele vs. Daft Punk, riding DP's future funk jam "Something About You" something fierce, neo-soul juggernaut Adele howling so space cat cool, well there's just no room for rain.


Hence the title - "Something About The Fire" 




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