New Finds: High Society Collective


High Society Collective are an amalgamation of urban talents: J.R., Sho Baraka, Suzy Rock and Swoope. Amusing monikers aside, this come-together of Atlantan artists transform alt-rap troupes ala Odd Future fools into listen-up virtues.

With their shared vision of spreading, quote, "Truth, Goodness, & Creativity," High Society Collective's online hub is as dedicated to philanthropic causes as it is to their own beats.

Beats which just so happen to be killer. Having filtered through the 1200+ artists playing SXSW, we recently hand selected the Soc to form part of our coveted feature, Best of SXSW 2012 Unknown Artists.

Fusing enlightening lyricism with expansive sonics, plus a side ordering of oh, just trying to save the world, High Society Collective are the sort of hip hop artists we need to champion this 2012.

Hear more over at, whereabouts you can grab High Society Collective's debut album, Circa MMXI: The Collective.


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