New Indie Find: Jinja Safari


Call us fanciful, but when we think of Sydney, Australia, we think of sun, sand, sea (and minimal swimwear). Thus, we also expect music pumped from the city to correspond with this sanguine dream. And Jinja Safari's exotic-pop perfectly tunes to our day-tripper delusions!

Comprised of Marcus Azon, Pepa Knight Joe Citizen, Jacob Borg and Nugget Roach (hey, how did that last one get in there? Get back to Sum 41!), Jinja Safari came together in 2010 after they met at a beach party (where else!?).

Infused with afro-pop influences, the band have been likened to Sufjan Stevens, Animal Collective and Vampire Weekend. And I bet you rolled your eyes at the mention of "afro-pop," right? I mean, just look at them with their faux fur and feathers! What wannabes!

Ah, but halt your “hipster” judgements, squire! Front man Marcus Azon's grandmother hails from Jinja, Uganda, so he has possessed a passion for African music ever since he was a nipper. So, unlike the other counterfeits, Jinja Safari actually share an authentic affinity with the country.

Mixed up with all these afro-beat juices, however, is Jinja Safari's exclusive celestial imprint. The result? An ethereal soundscape that is profound enough to get our attention, and pressing enough to keep it.

Look out for a debut album this summer, but until then, head to Jinja Safari's Facebook to hear more.


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