New Finds: BADBADNOTGOOD written by ClaireDallas

Do you think it's funny and/or awesome when white people cover hip-hop songs? Then you’ll probably love BADBADNOTGOOD, one of our best picks for new music for 2012.  Not so into that, but maybe you do like jazzy things played by talented musicians? Then you’ll probably also love BADBADNOTGOOD.

They are an acid-jazz/post-bop trio of extremely talented men by way of Toronto. Don’t worry if you have no idea what those genres are. It won’t affect your enjoyment, I promise.

For those of us who weren’t too brain dead to make it to the after-party, (not me), BADBADNOTGOOD rocked the Coachella campgrounds this year with their own fusion of hip-hop and jazz. Oh, and they were Frank Ocean’s backing band both weekends too. No big deal.

In addition to playing covers of songs like "Earl" by Earl Sweatshirt and "Flashing Lights" (by Kanye, duh), they also have some original songs on their latest mixtape, BBNG2. The jazziness knows no bounds on this track, “Rotten Decay.”


Oh yah, and they are all 21 and recorded BBNG2 in one 10 hour session. This shit is for real.

Here’s BADBADNOTGOOD covering Kanye, cuz I loves me some Kanye in any form, really.


And two bonus videos for those of you that are as taken with these young, Canadian gentlemen as I am:

1. A jam session with BADBADNOTGOOD and none other than Tyler, the Creator from Odd Future. (With a Tyler freakout at the end)


And 2. BADBADNOTGOOD covering “The World is Yours” by Nas and “Brookyln Zoo” by O.D.B.


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