New Finds: Bright Light Bright Light


New Finds: Bright Light Bright Light by ///glitch///

What is the latest new music today?  Me think it's Bright Light Bright Light (yes that's not a typo), which is the moniker of London based artist/producer/remixer/pasta maker/club event guru, Rod Thomas.  Well, that's not true...he's not a pasta maker I just thought I would throw that in and no, it's not the dude from Matchboxx 20 (that's Rob Thomas).

Rod's new album "Make Me Believe In Hope" was just released last month on The Blue Team / Aztec Records.  Yeah, came out last month and we're writing about it now so bite me.  I'm just digging into the album...but I can say for 100% certainly you need to listen to these embeds below right away.  

The real highlight I need to draw your attention to...the most amazing underrated pop song of the year is "Love Again II."   Actually...this track isn't so new as I remember cherishing it nearly 18 months ago, as an early version.  I this an awesome track or what? 

Bright Light Bright Light - Love Part II 

I'm just getting through the new album but the other amazing thing about Bright Light Bright Light is his exceptional mashups.  No, I'm not talking those knob twibbling things that almost anyone could do in Serato.  No, there's some real creative life here in these smash-ups.  What do you say to some new looks on classic 90s pop from Whitney Houston or a funk version of "Vogue" by Madonna?  Yes please.  Check out these ace mashups here and yeah, free downloads, sugar.

Bright Light Bright Light vs Whitney Houston - It's Not Grace But It's OK


Bright Light Bright Light - Professional Vogue


Bright Light Bright Light - Filthshake

Thanks also to Duffster from Glasgow, Scotland who gets the Curator credit for Bright Light Bright Light...and reminding us about this ace-ness.  You can check out the latest Curators and their finds right here: there something going around with using the word Light in band names?  Sure, you have "Lights" from Canada...but our other favorite new tasty synth band is Black Light Dinner Party.    Are they the antithesis to Bright Light Bright Light?... Well, yes in name...but not on awesomeness.  You can check out Black Light Dinner Party's amazing song/vid right here.

Let's keep the light on either way.

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