New Finds: Cheasleauen


New Finds: Cheasleauen / Written by ClaireDallas.

One day, Nicki Minaj and Azealia Banks will meet. This meeting will end with the two hottest and most talented chick rappers in the game making sweet, sexual, violent love to one another. (Can you two film this? Please?) This union will result in the birth of a new chick. Her name is Cheasleauen. She's from Las Vegas. And she's here to "Go Insane."

She knows what the people want these days, and that is a cute girl spitting profanities over a beat that is going to set clubs the fuck off. At least, that's what I want…

Cheasleauen's latest mixtape, Obnoxious 2012, combines a heavily crunk influenced sensibility with an of-the-moment electro sound on tracks like “Paradise” and “Coolin.” I'm also pretty sure the beat on “Paradise” samples “Human After All,” by a sort-of famous duo you may have heard of called Daft Punk. What do you guys think?


Cheasleauen "Paradise"


Cheasleauen "Coolin"

The other high point of her mixtape for me is the obligatory kiss-off track, “1000 Haters.” It has a sparse, spacey beat on the verses that’s little more than hand claps and some bleeps that swells into something almost operatic on the playground rhyme- esque chorus. The production on this track, and a few others, is by Spaceliqs.


Cheasleauen "1000 Haters"

In summary, her mixtape is varied, wonderful and cutting-edge. She knows where the rap game is headed, and she'll be there first, (just like BitCandy's Blogs On Music). 

And in case you were wondering, her name is pronounced Shass-lowen.


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