New Finds: Clams Casino


You probably haven't realised it yet, but today's Latest New Music find, Clams Casino, has already shacked up in your ear canals. After all, Clams (may we call you that, Clams?) was the enigma producer behind those visceral backing beats of A$AP Rocky, Soulja Boy and Lil B y'all already been digging. Now Clams is stepping out from the shadows of rap big-wigs to make it on his own.

Casino delivers a whole new level of hypnosis to hippity hop (move o ver The Weeknd/The Field... kthxbai). Swirling, lobotomising rap instrumentals built from aesthetic synth drones, thudding percussion and distant, dancing vocals -- its like Massive Attack gone rap for 2012 (yes, 2012... 2011 is so last year). Check out some of our favorite Clam cuts, including an A$AP Rocky track complete with Casino production, after the jump...


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