New Finds: Crim3s


Crim3s are an electronica duo hailing from London, who look as if they spend half their time webbing hazy half-speed drug mixes, the other half studying the works of Aleister Crowley in an illegal squat - y'know, kinda like a budding Britcentric Crystal Castles-cum-S4lem.

Comprising of Sloww Ddeath (ahem) and Sadie Phelps, this darkly-lit duo incorporate elements of dubstep, trip hop and trance into their occultist opiate EDM beats. Check out some of our favorites, including "I'm Drawn" (the slow-mo, femme-heavy visuals of which resemble Brian Eno's video paintings of the 80s), "Meet Me Half Dead" (which decelerates Black Eyed Peas' "Meet Me Half Way" to pulse-pausing pace), and a few other cuts from their debut EP (which is out now on Black Bus), below...


Meet Me Half Dead by CRIM3S




Germs by CRIM3S


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