New Finds: Excision


The Frankenstein of dubstep has arrived.

Say hello to Jeff Abel, the gothic mastermind behind the dark, bass-heavy bangers of Excision.

Forget the pre-safe harbor dubstep of Skrillex; Excision are all about attitude -- churning near-nightmarish drum and bass beats, drops of lobotomy ambiance with a thrilling death metal attitude.

Excision sound like hell on earth -- presuming hell is one big fat disco that we are sure hoping to be invited to.

Come over to the dark side by grabbing Excision's debut album, "X Rated," out now on deadmau5's label, mau5strap…or by checkin' out some of our favorite bangers below:

Excision - X Rated Featuring Messinian by Excision

Excision - Ohhh Nooo by Excision

Excision - Sleepless Featuring Savvy by Excision

Excision - Execute by Excision

Meanwhile, head to Excision's Facebook page where you can currently grab yourself a brand new mix for free. Zing!


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