New Finds: Foy Vance

Have we just found Northern Ireland's answer to Dallas Green of City and Colour? Ladies and gentleman, say hello to Foy Vance...


Still, while we'd love to claim first dibs on Vance's tender sounds, turns out we aren't quite the first to unearth this Bangorian's musical beauty. Vance's early singles "Gabriel and the Vagabond” and "Homebird”


Each have already been featured on Grey's Anatomy, while "Indiscriminate Act of Kindness"  tugged at the heartstrings during a UK charity commercial for Great Ormond Street Children's Hospital.


Good move - if anyone's music is going to encourage people to donate it is this dude, afterall, he has to possess one of the most breathtakingly moving voices we've heard in sometime. Think a warm and husky rasp that rattles its way to the soul atop pretty acoustic twangs, spiced up with an offkilter tuning (...when combined with images of kiddies in'd be throwing your wallet at the TV!!!!).


So, if you are seeking an authentic alternative to the happy-chappy Brit-acoustics of Ed Sheeran, then Foy Vance is your man. Check out BitCandy’s fav, "Be The Song," below...which might just be "the" real breakout song for Foy Vance.
"Be The Song" - Foy Vance