New Finds: Free School


New Finds – Free School.  Written by Reno Buzzhawk.  Curated/Discovered by Duffster.

Free School are two DJ-oriented knob-twiddler dudes (Steve Alcock, Andy Porteous) from Birmingham, UK. They wear terrifying lamb masks that turn their eyes into black coals and refer themselves as "retro-futuristic disco," "Balearic," and "maximalist and minimalist all at once." We are referring to them as the Donnie Darko duo of chill-wave, digitally mesmerized on their own Ibiza flashbacks. Hypnotic shit, here, synth-heads, bottled drug-like in kaleidoscopic jams like, "Meet When The Moon Is Full:"

Scooped by genre-bending Tirk Records (Fujiya & Miyagi, Greg Wilson), the two dropped two EPs over the last year or so, that bubbled over into their initial full length offering, Tender Administration, a chewy, fuzzy trip that warbles in and out of clarity like an empty stomach and a warm pot-brownie, spliced with blanketed textures from horns to tape-hiss, guitar jabs meandering in reverb purgatory and sharp cymbal rides that snap, just to, you know, keep you present and all. Listen to anti-8bit manifesto "I'm Not Nintendo," and it will all make dance-floor sense: 


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