New Finds: Gypsy & The Cat


New Finds: Gypsy & The Cat.  Written by Reeno Buzzhawk.  Discovered by BennyUrich. 

Forging a little nook just far enough away from the coke line to color themselves soft-core electronica, this little Melbourne duo-that-could quickly found a fan in native Aussie Kylie Minogue, and the rest is opening-tour-slot history. The early twenty-somethings climbed from indie-staple imprint Young & Lost to Big Three honcho RCA in under a year, dropping the aqua-beat MGMT-clone, "Sorry," as its first mass-distributed tease:

The band crosses dream pop roads with synth-knobbery that usually devolves into deep Cure goth jams, with peaks of bright acoustic guitar tinges. The name Gypsy & The Cat is taken from an old kids' book, while the group's first offering, Gilgamesh, is a nod to an ancient Sumerian King who tore some demigod shit up circa 2500 B.C. So let's set something straight right now: they're definitely soundtracking their nerdiness. Which is certainly rad and all, if you dig mellow dance-floor double-entendres like "Jona Vark:"

Word is they're in London now, getting finishing production and engineering touches from dudes like Dave Fridmann and Rich Costey, punch-pop talents that have dealt with everyone from the Flaming Lips to Franz Ferdinand. Yes, MGMT, too. And while we wait the release of their RCA debut, The Late Blue, "Sorry" is a clear shot at readying their unique dark twist on anthemic soft-core, curiously absent of historical plugs. Sorry nerds.


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