New Finds: iamamiwhoami


New Finds: iamamiwhoami written by ClaireDallas

 As with any creative pursuit, in Top Indie music, there are rule-followers, then there are ARTISTS who say fuck all y’all and do something way better.  While a mystery for a while on the internet, Iamamiwhoami (I am am I who am I) is part of the second group. Is this Swedish project headlined by Jonna Lee actually music? Yes, obviously. But it doesn’t stop there! They are also arguably one of the first to take social media and actually use it in a creative and meaningful way, not just a means to an end for publicity.

Instead of, “Oh, I am a musician, I made this song, guys! Now I shall upload a video to youtube and send it to music blogs and make myself a webpage clearly representing my brand and hope people will LOVE ME.” Sometimes, this will create hype. The more mysterious and good an artist is, (see: The Weeknd) the more fame and glory this will bring them. Iamamiwhoami has figured out a way to leverage and control the end all be all of the internet, hype. (God of all music blogs!) They purposefully released their work in three sections. The first, called the “Number Series” were teaser videos designed to create mysteries (ie. generate the all-important hype) and foreshadow the polished singles of the second section, the “Letter Series.” The third part, the “Date Series” ended with their first live show that was broadcast via Youtube.

Well that’s enough nerdy art girl chit chat from me, let’s get to the videos!

First up is the very first thing they (it?) ever posted on the webs, Prelude 699130082.451322- Prepare to be freaked out.


This is the first full length song posted, ‘b.’ There’s a kitty cat in this one! And someone playing piano in saran wrap.


My night is getting exponentially weirder with each youtube click. Here’s one from their “live” concert series:


And I’ll end with one of Iamamiwhoami’s most recent videos, ‘play.’ This video is slightly less creepy? Maybe not. I’m still not sure what to make of this chick. Do we like? Hate? Or are we just perplexed by the strange and new? Is this bitch Lady Gaga’s long lost brother from another Top Indie mother? Quite possibly. Tell us about the nightmares all this induces in the comments.


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