Free Mp3s: Johanna and the Dusty Floor

Australian born and New York City dwelling Johanna and the Dusty Floor is one of our recent favorite New Artist 2011 finds here at BitCandy.  Johanna and the Dusty Floor has a sound all her own...if you're a fan of St. Vincent meets Sia meets Feist with a touch of Niki and the Dove, Johanna and the Dusty Floor is sumthin you're gonna dig.  If not I'll buy you an ice cream.
For the 1st half of September 2011 we're running a copromotion campaign with Johanna, so visit our FaceBook to get free downloads compliments of the band and help spread the word on Johanna and the Dusty Floor.
Here's the link!  My favorite songs from the new album you can catch here.  
I particular adore "Northern Lights"...a dreamy, visual and mysterious, but yet very singable song.  Also check out "Cloudbusting" (channeling Kate Bush with a great cover), one of our other top fav from Johanna and the Dusty Floor's new album "Northern Lights" with more below:

Johanna and the Dusty Floor by BitCandy

Oh, did you think we would find a video for you to watch too?  Well, of course (Go Autoharp!!) 

You can check out more of Johanna here at your most favorite social media outlets including her own website.