New Artist Finds: Kate Boy


Traverse through our New Finds and you will notice that an ample amount of these artists hail from either Australia or Sweden. Clearly, both countries have a knack for arming their humble citizens with alarmingly creative chromosomes. So can you IMAGINE what happens when you take one artist from Australia and one artist from Sweden and combine them to create a solitary electro-pop band?!

Kate Boy happens, that's what.

Okay, okay, so we admit we have only heard one song by these sphinxlike Aussie-Swedes. But for a debut single, “Northern Lights” is, frankly, too-much-delicious to ignore. A throbbing bass line, sensual enough to straddle, beckons listeners towards sassy, Icona Pop-esque vocals, before a vista of bouncing, neon synths upsurge into one of the most anthemic pop choruses of the year...basically.

Sound good? Good! Wrap your auditory canals...and your legs...around “Northern Lights,” below:

Until we hear more from Kate Boy (or even learn their real names...secretive swines...just look at her hiding beneath her cap!), we will leave you to repeat this song for the remainder of your week. You're welcome!


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