New Finds: Lady (rapping bout her cha cha)


Although she goes by the most SEO unfriendly name, ever (just try Googling her name and "Pussy" one of Lady's hottest tracks...and see what happens), Lady has still managed to notch up over one million views on YouTube. I guess the ample amount of twerkin' which features in her videos certainly helps to boost said view counts. Oh, I'm sorry, you don't know what twerkin' is? Well, allow the following video to demonstrate. Note: SUPER NSFW!

Actually, you know what, ALL of Lady's material is NSFW! But that is PRECISELY why we are listening to her. She's fiery, witty, and hellah XXX-rated – like a lot of female rappers before they get a taste of the fame game (oh hey, Nicki Minaj!).

This Georgian rapper first caught our attention after Howard Stern spun her incredible hip hop novelty track, "Pussy." "Ma pussy good, ma pussy sweet, ma pussy good enough to eat," snarls Lady, tongue wedged firmly in cheek the entire time (but again, terrible SEO at work here, people – god knows what the Google results are for the keywords "Lady Pussy").

Next up, BitCandy heard "Yankin," which is, according to Urban Dictionary, "a term used to refer to a vagina with multiple STDs." Still, Lady seems to sing of "Yankin" with a swaggering admiration, and hey, she even uses the track as a means for promoting safe sex!: "Pussy feels so good, feels like the rubber off, ain't it?"

And we haven't even touched on "Working That Clit," "Lil Dick" and "Garbage Ass." Still, maybe another day!

Lady is the first "hood bitch" (aka woman) to be signed to Big Gates Records (founded by Ronell Lavette, the brother and manager of social networking sensation, Plies). She is currently busy pumpin' out notorious mixtapes via the label, the latest being Bout Dat Life, which you can currently catch over at YouTube alongside other cuts from this upcoming viral vixen. Tip: don't listen in the presence of the real Bill Gates. 


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