New Indie Finds: ON AN ON


New Indie Finds: ON AN ON.  Written / Discovered by Cassidy Rose

ON AN ON has only released one song to date, but I can already tell that their debut album will be in heavy rotation in my car.  Classified as indie rock, their first song, “Ghosts,” is a combination of guitars, drums, and dreamlike vocals with some electro effects thrown in for good measure.

What ON AN ON does really well is use electro beats to enhance their musicianship, and the end result is a song that will have a wide appeal. I honestly cannot wait for their album to come out in January 2013.

A little bit about the background of the band: ON AN ON is comprised of Nate Eiesland, Alissa Ricci, and Ryne Estwing. This trio of talented musicians has previously played together as part of indie pop band Scattered Trees. Other than that, we really don’t know much about them. Here is a list of their upcoming shows.

Honestly, I would love to go see ON AN ON live, so if any of you get the chance, let me know how it is. Not a joke. Tweet me a picture or something.  


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