New Finds: Pyramid-French Electro


New Finds - Pyramid.  Written by ClaireDallas

Is there something in the water in France that bestows special electronic music powers on all their citizens? That has to be it.

One of the latest to join the ranks of top indie is Pyramid, a young producer from Lyon. His music owes a huge debt to those Frenchiest of all Frenchies, Daft Punk. Pyramid’s sound is similar to a lot of their more laid-back work, complete with synths overlaid with piano and violins.

There are two tracks on his Soundcloud from his newish EP, Rising Day, that are sure to tickle the eardrums of any Justice or Daft Punk fans. Check out the grimy synths on "Synthesis."


I’m also a huge fan of Pyramid’s spacey remix of "Youth" by Foxes. Foxes’ vocals are incredible, with sort of a Lana Del Rey vibe. I can imagine a bar full of hipsters getting down to this. Myself included.


He has two EPs and one LP up on his bandcamp profile, so go buy some shit if you like what you hear!  


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