New Finds: Sameblod


New Finds: Sameblod. Written by Calvin Paradise. Curated/Discovered by Duffster.

Life is filled with an endless array of questions, most of which we can never hope to answer. What does it all mean? Why do we exist? What Is The Best Music? Who the fuck is Sameblod?

These are questions we all ask, and thankfully I can actually tell you who Sameblod is.

Frederick and Mikael are a couple of bros from Stockholm via San Francisco who together become Samebold. According to their Facebook page they were "born" in February, 2011. (Note: Born is in quotation marks because it is highly unlikely that they were actually born 20 months ago).

Other than that, very little is known about the Swedes except for their music, which more than speaks for itself. Presently the band has released an LP and an EP, both of which are filled up with light-hearted pop that's somewhere between tween and dream pop


"UR Road"

Even when you strip away all of the gadgets and gizmos, they still kick ass.


"Talk Shit"

I've long held the opinion that the Swedes are superior to us in everyday, but especially when it comes to making pop music. Samebold is a clear continuation of that trend.



Because they're Swedish, Samebold's music can be difficult to obtain, but if you head over to their label, Riot Factory, you should be able to obtain it.

And really, they're worth exchanging your currency for.


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