New Finds: Satellite Stories


New Finds: Satellite Stories. Written by Reeno Buzzhawk. Discovered/Curated by Duffster.

Finally raising a fist, as young as it may be, in the nordic indie pop landscape, Finland upstarts Satellite Stories take on a speedy, Coldplayish spin on Franz Ferdinand, with that unshakable blonde-hair, blue-eyed whiney wail art in those lands loves to bridge angst with. Four dudes with names like Esa and Jyri and a heavy binge on Phoenix singles later, you get cruising guitar jabs like "Sirens:"

They're quite tight at that speed, actually, save for the single-gear lyric engine - "I became so down, so down by the road" - and, um, they straight-up ripped off "1901" down to the bridge. But then they turn around and cut a tune like "Anti-lover," a wise choice to lead a debut record, hooks galore throating "reversed romance" jabs at Frenchies and wearing their "bad romance" on their sleeves, a cymbal-happy drum fill making easy friends with hips. Honesty is the best policy, even in rock. Shamble on, indie hearts:


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