New Finds: Saturday Night Gym Club


New Indie Finds: Saturday Night Gym Club by Allan S.

In this installment of Best New Indie: What happens if you throw a bunch of indie kids into a room full of electronic music equipment? Well I mean, besides the initial bout of confusion, swearing and general annoyance… and after the police turn up to investigate why you've taken the time to kidnap some people and impose such an odd circumstance on them. Well, after the cops decide to let you off with just a warning, you might just be lucky enough to hear the kind of noise that fantastic indie-dance crossover act Saturday Night Gym Club like to make. (From the legally required distance dictated by the restraining order, of course.)

Whilst it's not hard for a guitar band to pick up a microkorg and weave a simple synth line into a song, SNGC seem to understand that it takes a little more than this to become a respected electronic outfit. And it's evident from the high production quality and attention to detail paid in their tracks that these guys know the right buttons to press.

Check out "I Know" (featuring Ellie Walker):

Feet firmly on the ground from a song writing perspective, SNGC's tracks retain an instantly endearing pop format -- something to hum along to time and time again. Tunes like "I Know (Featuring Ellie Walker)" and "The Ballroom Scene" take a healthy dose of radio friendly vocals and spread them across glitchy beats and bounding synths in a way that just melts in the mouth. Or should that be ears?

For me, a strikingly obvious negative factor of electronic music is its ability to provoke grandmothers into a state of elderly rage. Often resulting in it being lambasted with nuggets of pure wisdom such as, 'it all sounds the same,' 'this is too noisy' and 'it's all just a bunch of bleeps and bloops,' Saturday Night Gym Club, however, seamlessly manage to bridge the gap between dance orientated goodness and organic, pop revelry. Basically, if your gran doesn't like it, she's a fucking idiot.

Check out "How To Build A Life Raft"

With their absolutely top notch EP, How To Build a Life Raft, out now, this Anglo-Irish 4 piece are certainly ones to keep an eye on.

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