New Finds: Sóley


New Finds: Sóley. Written by Reeno Buzzhawk. Discovered by Christina Li.

Iceland, birthing something epically pop as usual, ethereal Reykavik howler Sóley Stefánsdóttir distills a vocal looped Bjork-esque sip of keys-fronted nordic storytelling into quick puffs of frosted heartache you just want to be able to catch outside and witness, like a doe waiting for you to bounce off its turf. "I'll drown when I see you," the twenty-something tumbles on the opening cut from a sophomore album dubbed We Sink:

Though maybe not the most poetic -- "Will you be my friend in my dream?" -- she has that golden gift of hush that singer-songwriters trade souls for, sometimes laced simply around an acoustic guitar dance ("Smashed Birds"), twinkling about a maudlin, old school piano ballad ("Kill the Clown"), or bridging handclap and woodblock-studded tapestries with high notes that shadow Jonsi ("Pretty Face") while mastering Joni Mitchell-subtlety in her quiet moments:


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