New Finds: Super Mash Bros


Mash up artists are unlike oil, housing, jobs. There isn't exactly a shortage of them...

The appeal-cum-problem with mash ups is that any kid who knows how to torrent the correct software can make one. And while it is part awesome that practically anyone with a laptop can get involved with mash making, tracking down the true talent among the deepening trash is becoming an increasingly impossible task.

So when you do hit on a hot new mash up artist, it is a somewhat holy moment. Kinda like snagging the first view on a soon-to-be viral smash on YouTube.

And that is precisely how we felt when we first encountered Super Mash Bros a few months back. Comprised of Nick, Ethan and Dick, these three LA longhairs have to produce some of the fucking funnest mashes we've heard in like, forever!

A lotta mash up artists are growing a little anal of late. But Super Mash Bros put aside the pretensions to fly the flag of fun -- and with a whole bunch of fucking pride too. Hear for yourself -- download three fresh mixtapes over at the band's website. And yes, they are on the house, tight ass!

Listening advice? Expect the unexpected. Super Mash Bros' genre-surfing jams are full of a tonne of dope, and often dorky twists and turns. You won't know what is going on up in that brain party of yours!

PS - the new Girl Talk / Hood Internet, ne1z?


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