New Indie Finds - Tall Ships


New Finds: Tall Ships. Written by Jess Grant. Curated/Discovered by Duffster.

In this viral, one-click-to-upload environment, any average Joe (or Joanna) can snag overnight  success (hi, Rebecca fucking Black)! But, believe it or not, some bands still prefer to tackle things the traditional way, from the bottom to the top - today's new find included!

Endless EPs, exhaustive tours and achingly-early festival appearances later, however, and Falmouth-via-Brighton's Tall Ships are finally – time to get proverbial - enjoying the fruits of their labour. Last week, the band dropped their debut album, Everything Touching, and boy oh boy, is the blogosphere blowing UP over it!

So, after months of meandering through the unknown, it finally seems the indie trio are on the cusp of something almighty. Not that we feel totally comfortable collaring them under the “indie” umbrella. Such a label oversimplifies what is, in fact, a very complex cocktail of sounds. Fusing relentless, kraut-like riffery, peculiar, prog-like dynamics, lithesome, dance-like loops, with a fuck load of other fancy genres and adjectives, and maybe, just maybe, we are a little closer to appreciating the aural intellect of Tall Ships.

Fans of Foals, Futureheads, Friendly Fires and other brainy, genre-bouncing British bands - preferably beginning with the letter “F” - should tune in and drop out to Tall Ships. We have already selected some of our favorite cuts for you, but if you want to hear more, head on over to SoundCloud, or grab Tall Ships' debut album, Everything Touching, out now on Big Scary Monsters!

And speaking of achingly-early festival appearances (you know the ones... those 11am slots that you're too busy puking up from the night before to catch), check out Tall Ships' set at Reading Festival in August, below!


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