Best New Indie Finds: Team Spirit


Best New Indie Finds: Team Spirit by ClaireDallas

Have you been sitting around impatiently waiting for new music from Wavves? Well then I have the next best thing: Brooklyn outfit, Team Spirit! If fun surf-rock full of catchy guitar riffs appeals to you, check this shit out.

You can thank the synth/samples guy from Passion Pit, Ayad Al Adhamy, for learning to write songs on guitar and starting this excellent side project. And I’m already pretty sure I like them way more than Pashy Pit.  They have three songs posted on their bandcamp, one of which you can download for free, and all of which are awesome.

Get a taste of their tongue in cheek, summery sound on this one, “Jesus, He’s Alright!


If weird animation and beaches turn you on (raises hand) check out the video for “Fuck The Beach” by Swedish video artists HannesJohannes. Al Adhamy says he wrote this song last summer when his friends all wanted to hit the beach every day.


Here’s one last dose of their SUPER FUN guitar-driven indie pop. Gosh, these guys just make me want to jump up and down on my bed singing, then proceed directly to the beach! This one is called “Teenage Love.”


A little birdy told me that their full 5 song EP of their latest new music will be online soon, so keep an eye out for that!

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