New Indie Finds: Teeel


New Indie Finds: Teeel.  Curated by Markheim.  Written by ClaireDallas.

There’s a pretty good chunk of Top Indie producers these days making 80s flavored tracks. Teeel kicks it up a notch, forgets influences, and just makes straight up new wave shit. Each song on his latest EP, University Heights (is that a San Diego nod? Or do University Heights neighborhoods exist everywhere??), could have gotten radio play in 1980. And coming from my mouth, that’s a compliment. The excellently layered synths and guitar actually create a different sound than the 93% of chillwave-y things that all are starting to sound the same at this point. You hear that hipster bands? Differentiate ye selves! Like Teeel.

He takes his name from the 10x10 foot teal-painted room that he writes and records in (seen above), complete with stacks of vintage synths and guitars. Possibly the most inspired name ever. Was that sarcasm? You decide. (It wasn’t.)

What about the fresh tracks you say? Well “Crystal Lake” is the song that belonged in “Drive” that they forgot about. It has a nice, dark, driving around a gritty city at night feel to it. Plus: 80s.

Teeel’s University Heights really deserves your attention for a full listen (which you can do at their bandcamp) but I’ll indulge you heathens with a couple more preview tracks.

To be honest, I’m posting this one purely cuz it’s called “Zoltan,” but it happens to be a sick song too.


Last and maybe least, (up to you) I give you “88 mph.” Teeel is touring a ton according to his website, especially on the east coast, so get out there and dance to some Top Indie, y’all!


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