New Finds-Terror Train Delivers Electro Treat


For fans of early Daft Punk and AirTerror Train is the frightenly epic Halloween flavored electro project from Nick Huntington, who is 1/2 of our favorite unknown (but not for long) electronic project called Freescha.

And you can get a free download of the new Terror Train right here compliments of BitCandy and Terror Train themselves!  In fact we dare say this is the world debut of Terror Train on BitCandy. You can get your free download HERE!   

Knowing that Nick is an aficionado on horror movies (HINT: the project is named after the cult 1980 film of the same title)… it makes sense how he was able to blend the themes of both worlds together. From "[[[Time-Out]]]" which is inspired by the circa 80s Glendale Galleria [[[Time-Out]]] arcade with all the video games blasting at 11, to alternapop electro jams "Beatbox Beat" and "Horror Night" (featuring Nicole Morier of Electrocute and Lady Tigra)… the Terror Train album is one of our new favorites.

 Here's 5 tasty treats (and no tricks) from Terror Train:

Terror Train by BitCandy