New Finds: The Good Natured


If you're anything like us, you like to hear the latest new music before everyone else. For this reason, we present to you The Good Natured, the latest electro-synth-pop act out of the U.K. that's poised to blow up on this side of the pond.

The Good Natured, consisting of 20-year-old singer/songwriter Sarah McIntosh, her bro Hamish McIntosh on bass, and George Hinton on drums, has an incredibly infectious sound that would best be described as 50 percent La Roux, 50 percent Kate Nash, and 100 percent awesome (I know this doesn't make sense mathematically but it is nonetheless true.) 

As teenagers, The Good Natured self-released their first two EPs. In 2011, they were finally signed by a major U.K. record label, releasing their third album, "Skeleton," this past June. Having three albums out by the time you're 20 ... not too shabby! Maybe I should have dropped out of college to be a rock star like Miss Sarah Mac did ...

Get your free download of The Good Natured's latest single, "Video Voyeur," stream the title track from their new album, "Skeleton," and check out a video for another one of their tracks, the insanely catchy "Be My Animal," below.  (Skip these directions if you strongly dislike listening to the hottest, latest new music available.)


The Good Natured - Skeleton by The Good Natured



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