New Finds: Tribe Of Wolves (LoFi Ambi-Folk-Wave)


As a fan of music, I have never NEEDED an artist to make more music. In my rock days, I waited patiently on Circa Survive to release Blue Sky Noise. I was not that excited about Toro Y Mois “Underneath the Pine”, no matter how good it sounded. I make music, and its not a need to make more, if it gets done it gets done. 

Tribe of Wolves “Desert Wasteland” was released August the 11th of 2010, and it has been the highlight of any conversation I have about EPs, and what artist I would like to see make more music, TO THIS DATE. I NEED more music from Tribe of Wolves. If I could legally start a “Save a Tribe of Wolves” fund to fool people into trying to save furry, unmusical creatures, I would do so. 

"Change Of Power" - Tribe Of Wolves

"Simple Lady" - Tribe Of Wolves

"Stimulant" - Tribe Of Wolves

“Desert Wasteland” is only 3 song EP, but I am obviously excited to see more come from this artist. The standout track from this EP is “Change of Power”. I have turned this song on people, and everyone I have let hear it, loves it. The production is on point, credit is given to the producers SHORE and Amos Walker (Another Columbia,SC based producer) for that. What really catches you on this song though, is the unique mixture of Hip Hopish beats, and the Empire of the Sun/Quasimodo style vocals. The song is so unique, but it is put together so well that it almost sounds familiar. Join me in the “Save a Tribe of Wolves” movement.