New Indie Finds: Ultraista


New Indie Finds: Ultraista.  Written by Calvin Paradise / Discovered by nfinateri

No matter how into music you are, you have to be a certain level of fanboy to know the name Nigel Godrich. Godrich is a production god, having worked with the likes of Radiohead, Paul McCartney, Beck, and other such headlining acts.

He finally decided to make his own music, joining forces with vocalist Laura Bettinson and drummer Joey Waronke, to create the band Ultraista. The trio describes themselves as one, "Conceived from a love of afrobeat, electronica, art and inspired by tequila."

The best track the band introduced the world to (thus far) is "Static Light," which our measurement tools tell us is some of the best New Music For 2012 . Check it out below:

Ultraista would probably be on some people's radars just because of the pedigree of Godrich, but as you can see/hear, this band will be one that will earn the attention it receives. Listen to "Bad Insect" if you're still not convinced.

The mastery of technical skill combined with a pure love of pop music shines through in all the work that they've released so far, but it is perhaps best exemplified in the band's song, "Smalltalk."

Ulraista's debut album comes out October 2nd. We can't wait to hear that and whatever else this band puts out, because regardless of why you care about Nigel Godrich, this music is really fucking great.


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