New Indie Finds: Team Me


New Finds: Team Me.  Written by Calvin Paradise. Discovered by Duffster.

If I told you I just discovered this great new band that sounds like Passion Pit, I'm From Barelona, MGMT, and Arcade Fire, and then asked you to guess where they were from, how long would it take before you finally landed on Elverum, Norway?

What I'm trying to say is, just where in the fuck did Team Me come from?

I'm still not sure, but what I do know is that this New Music For 2012 is tremendous.


"Show Me"

The band has a handful of wonderful pop songs at their disposal, all of which seem chaotic and threaten to go careening off a cliff, but somehow stay in control and never become unlistenable.


"Riding My Bicycle"


"Come Down"

My favorite track by this hybrid six-piece indie rock outfit is the "You Sir Are a Mouthful" titled "With My Hands Covering Both of my Eyes I am Too Scared to Have a Look at You Now." Check out this live version of this wonderfully melodramatic track that surely would have destroyed a younger version of me.

Team Me has one LP, To the Treeptops!, a self-titled EP, and a slew of singles to their name. Much like where they came from, where they go from here is anyone's guess. We're excited to find out, though.


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