New Indie Finds: Doe Paoro

New Indie Finds: Doe Paoro


One of our picks for new music for 2012, Doe Paoro is a chick singer/songwriter out of Brooklyn (surprise) that we've been following especially thanks to our new Curator, KashfiFahim.  (Interested in becoming a can do that right here!


Somewhere between a less squeaky Grimes and Ellie Goulding in development is Doe Paoro.   And admittedly this might be a shorter blog post than normal because there's a bit of mystery around this artist.  Her facebook describes her music as mythic and feral wailing (agreed)...and her biography on line is simply this:




Maybe a nod to Frenchy fav, Soko who I remember recently went through a "dead" phase before music brought her back to life...or this is a reference to some other poetic manuscript or cultural meaning that I am just not privy to.


Either way...we like Doe Paoro alive and look forward to more music.  


Check out our 3 favorite jams here:


Dao Paoro - Born Slow (Kokyo Remix)


Dao Paoro - Can't Leave You
(a little bit of that feral wailing at the maybe too much but still...)


Dao Paoro - I'll Go Blind 


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