New Finds: Astronauts, etc.


New Finds: Astronauts, etc. Written by Curator, Cassidy

Astronauts, etc. combines a couple things that are near and dear to me: sci-fi and beautiful music.  First, let’s talk about the music.  The backstory to Astronauts, etc. is actually very inspiring.  Anthony Ferraro wanted to be a classical pianist, but arthritis got in the way.  Unable to realize his dream, he switched paths and went on to create dreamy, electronic music as Astonauts, etc.  Definitely turned some lemons into delicious lemonade.

The first song Ferraro released as Astronauts, etc., “Mystery Colors,” is a relaxing, mellow song that is never boring.  His soft vocals go so well with the electronic beats.  But for me, what really makes the song is the video.

All of the songs on his first EP (Supermelodic Pulp, due out September 8th) will have accompanying videos, and here’s where the sci-fi comes in: all the videos have a sci-fi theme running through them.  The videos are perfect because his songs transport you in such a way that you feel as if you’re floating through space.

The video for “You Can Yell,” the second Astronauts, etc. song to be released, might be one of my favorite music videos ever.  I love the seeing the black and white video clips among the stars.

Both gorgeous songs are available for download on the Astronauts, etc. Soundcloud page.  If I were you, I’d definitely keep an ear out for future releases from Astronauts, etc., and be sure to look for the EP on September 8th.   


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