New Indie Finds: Slow Club


New Indie Finds: Slow Club by Christina Li

Alright friends, summer is upon us and you know that means it’s the best time to relax and listen to new music. So, BitCandy is offering a new band to add to your summer music collection, Slow Club. Not exactly new as they've been with indie awesome label Moshi Moshi for a while...but new to us.

Hailing from Sheffield, England, the music of Charles Watson and Rebecca Taylor is a fun, unique blend of folk rock and indie pop sure to get your feet tapping and fingers snapping. The two formed the band in 2006 and have since been rocking the stage with bands like Mumford and Sons and the Mystery Jets with their dynamic harmonies and interesting array of instruments, including glass bottles, the backs of spoons and supposedly an organ named “Miles.”

Slow Club is the perfect background to a day picnicking with your mates, riding your beach cruiser around town and dancing down Main Street like nobody’s watching because you’re just cool like that. I know when I first listened to them, all I wanted to do was go frolic in some big meadow and spin around in circles with their music playing in the background like I was back at Woodstock. Their most recent album, Paradise, released in 2011, became an instant hit with their most popular track, “Two Cousins.”


Simplicity is the key to why the music video for this song is so striking. Their other music videos are just as fun: roller rinks, carousels, and tandem bikes. So, dust off your parents’ old boombox and blast this music around town cause it’s sure to satisfy your music sweet tooth.

Slow Club - Me and You


Slow Club - Giving Up On Love



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