New Singer/Songwriter Find: Wolf Larsen


There's a shroud of mystery coyly being played off as marketing here, as another tortured soul hath wrought a sweeping album made for catharsis and tears. But this is the fucking real deal, folks. Whatever mysterious illness this woman -- real name Sarah Ramey -- has that she refuses to explicitly name-drop, whatever story laced behind it, true blue or not, just do both her and yourself a favor and get to nestling up the bedside her crystalline vocals.

Wolf Larsen - If I Be Wrong

She's not even that great of a guitar player. But plucking and squeaking about her strings like a nervous Leonard Cohen, lacing her innately gifted pipes more golden than a thousand new Swedish starlets vying for the same internet space, Ramey works some impenetrable wizardry.

Wolf Larsen - Wild Things

Unapologetic bedroom rhetorics creeping about your spine, reminding you like we said to get to the bones of it -- "But if I be wrong, if I be right/Let me be here with you tonight," she sermonizes on breakout track "If I Be Wrong," from first offering Quiet at the Kitchen Door. She does name-drop Cohen, though. So there's your comic relief.

Wolf Larsen - Kitchen Door

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