New Urban Chill Finds: Fauxe


 New Finds: Fauxe  Written by Reeno Buzzhawk.   Curated / Discovered by The Pudding Club.



So here's some fantasmo chill new music for 2012 - from that Asian land where they like to cane kids for graffito tagging.  Enter Fauxe, who is very much a round peg in a round hole, actually, if you can bare the archaic image of the bare-ass punishment for such a modern crime.


We Are Trees - Sunrise Sunset (Fauxe Remix)




Then again, synthgaze is all the rage in here these collective modern times, in which Faux has bubbled up like a slow rolling stew on buzz-blogs in short oder here over the summer for his uber-chill downtempo takes on The xx, Memoryhouse and Coldplay. But instead of that heavily sedated gaze the genre drowns itself in, Fauxe's quirks lie in calculated, African rhythms. Dig on whiney Coldplay ballad "Fix You," and the coin-shake and hand-clap percussion stamp the dude brings to it:


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Coldplay -Fix You (Fauxe Remix) - Free Download


While the five-track UBUNTU increases the heartbeat just a wee bit, cruising celestial-blip motorcycle rides like "We Both Knew," whirling R&B howls in seamless moonlit strides, twinkling analogue spoken-word come-downs on "Good Night" and in its finest moment, glossing that percussion fix panther-slick, a clean digi-pop on a club-contorted lyric pitch "In my life/I want to say thank you," calling the experience "Thanks Ms Panda." If we were a captured graffiti artist, we certainly would want it playing when getting whipped in the ass with a cane.




Lastly Check out a Fauxe style remix of The xx's Angels.  


The XX - Angels (Fauxe Remix)




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