New Artist Find - Sunday Morning


Cold War, models with notoriously bushy eyebrows, fur hats, and the dancing soviet bear from Sealab 2021 are always the first thing son my mind when I think of good ole Mother Russia. I guess maybe I should now update that resume to include talks of potentially stopping World War 3, and  creating the idea of the international community governing Syria’s nuclear capabilities…

Well done, Russia!

Now it's time to drink and celebrate like heathens! Oh wait, that shit happens everyday! Who cares about the time of day when good ole vodka is involved, especially when it’s the first drink of the day…I’d suggest paring that with a good size portion of Sunday Morning breakfast…compliments and brought to you by BitCandy Curator, Francis.  Nice find, man! 

Why all the Russian references? Well, because Sunday Morning just happen to be from St. Petersburg and that’s just how it's gonna roll today. This deep-house / nu-disco jam also incorporates a lovely sample from Vario Valinksi’s beautiful ‘Falling in Love’ to add to the flavor. I’m pumped and feeling good about Russia and not starting another war today, so I’m just gonna keep pressin’ repeat and celebrate in only the most grandiose of styles (aka having a drink with dinner) If you feel me!!

So get out there and party!! Whether it be Sunday Night or Sunday Morning. Don’t let the sun’s presence or the calendar year dictate how much fun you have...remember there is always someone doing it bigger than you :-)

throws a party for 12 people...