Top Indie Weekly! (10 New Favorites)


Oops... So... On Friday, we kinda, maybe... Launched a meteorite into Earth's orbit... DON'T JUDGE US! It was sent to destroy bad music! But it took a wrong turn and landed on Russia instead! Soz, guys... We must have got the coordinates wrong. Toro Y Moi's house is that way... But don't worry! We can still obliterate mega-lame indie... Only this time, through less destructive some loving endearing praise...Starting with the 10 top indie songs of the week, as hand selected by yours truly...


The Postal Service “A Tattered Line of String”

Check out this brand new band called The Postal Service (terrible name). We think they could be  Los Angeles' answer to Owl City... What do you guys think?!


Beach House "Wild"

This week, Beach House unveiled Forever Still, a short film featuring four songs from last year's snoozebomb, Bloom. Here is “Wild.” Hopefully it isn't below your “personal artistic standards...”


James Blake “Retrograde”

James Blake delivers the goods... Finally... We guess all that bumming paid off, Bon Iver...  Hyperbolic indie headline of the week: James Blake Prophesizes the Russian Meteor Shower.


Haim “Send Me Down”

Is that a tuba... Or do Haim have chronic flatulance?! We are still waiting on the sex tape, girls. Tick tock...


CHVRCHES “Recover (Cid Rim Remix)”

Come oan noo... Hae a listen tae th' Cid Rim remix ay Chvrches new sang, “Recover.”  It is a wee bit guid. Dae ye like uir Scot accent?! Movin' alang...


Amanda Palmer & The Grand Theft Orchestra “The Bed Song”

Is Amanda fucking Palmer wearing...a duvet?! Can she not afford to buy clothes now she is, well, paying her band?! Working the chola brows, as always...


Susanne Sundfør “White Foxes”

This week's Nordic dollop comes courtesy of Norway's Susanne Sundførf... Her voice is hardcore! Though not as hardcore as a 50-something male casually incubating a cub fetus... Dafuk?!


Cherub “Doses and Mimosas”

Cherub are a budding electro duo from Nashville. According to their Facebook, they are looking to spread “a little bit of sex, a little bit of drugs, and a whole lot of love...” Well, okay then!


Pacific Air “Float”

Butts and boobs, butts and boobs, butts and boobs... Oh, and a pretty gnar' tune from Pacific Air, too. Even if we did initially mistake them for a budget airline...


Reignwolf “The Chain (Live)”

Couldn't afford Fleetwood Mac tickets?! Neither could we... Behold! A lone Reignwolf covering, no, motherfucking owning the Rumours centrepiece, "The Chain.” Feel better?!


Not sure about you guys, but we think this week's Best of Indie was all kinds of...


...BitCandy will be back with another dose of top indie songs next week. Until then, catch you over at Facebook for more fun, games and occasional nudity (that we can get by the FB police).