Gather around because today’s Curator Find Raffaella is the only sound you need to hear on this fine freezing day. If you’ve ever felt like killing your female friend then her single “Sororicide” is your anthem. *We strongly suggest you don’t kill anyone though.*



soundcloud Like rain in southern California, RAFFAELLA is equally as rare and refreshing. Taking in consideration how people in Los Angeles cannot drive in the rain, being the summer showers might not be a welcome occurrence. But have no fear, as this track from this newly-minted female artist has all of the positives without the SigAlerts and insurance claims.

Her debut track “Sororicide” exhibits all of her classical pianist pedigree with a plucky vocalization that exudes a little bit of Regina Spector and maybe some Feist as well. If there was a secondary soundtrack to the film “500 Days Of Summer,” this tale of conflict between females is a twisted, yet awfully stimulating approach to the subject that was birthed from her college experiences. Past the hatred and “Fuck yous,” “Sororicide just sounds all too wholesome-sounding to be mean-spirited. Just consider it like a verbal altercation in French. It might sound sweet, but the contents are corrosive.

Despite the peachy presentation of RAFFAELLA’s little four-minute story about human nature, frenemies aren't the sweetest things in the world. But what is sweet is curator Musicalheartbeat, don’t know how she does it, but are ever that much thankful for her submissions. Keep ‘em coming.