Best of Indie Week 35 (10 + Favs!) 2012


The most exciting thing that happened to us at LA Music Blog BitCandy this week was Miley Cyrus cutting her hair. She looks like a more sexual version of 1990s Madonna. If 1990s Madonna was engaged at 19 and had basically stopped making music. JUST KIDDING, the most exciting thing we did was listening to all this music for you!

Wavves and his brother released a beat album, and we’re digging one of the B-sides. (Note: How does one have a B-side for an album released electronically on the internets? I am unclear on the concept.) Muse actually made a song I don’t hate (congrats, gentlemen!) and Grimes released a video I have now watched maybe 10 times in the last 3 days. Plus tracks from Brazilian rockers Turtle Giant, yacht-electro heads Poolside, YesYes, Saint Lou Lou remixed by Lauer, and the next female rapper about to blow up on the internet, Brooke Candy.


The fun begins below!

Muse - “Madness”

I am a self-professed Muse-hater. I don’t know why I even clicked play on this track, but I fucking like it, ok? It’s more laid-back than their usual stuff with a nice groovy bass line. Something about it reminds me of that George Michael classic, “Gotta Have Faith.”


Avalanche City - "Love Love Love" 

Avalanche City is a band from Aukland New Zealand.  Crazy how something so good we're only finding out about now after, yes, 1.2 Million YouTube streams.  But that's how the internet works these days and why BitCandy thinks you need a music us!


Sweet Valley - “Fountain of Sorrow”

This is an outtake track from Wavves’ beat project with his brother. Me likey a lot!  Compliments of Donald Fagen and Walter Becker's "Babylon Sisters" (for those of you that have the Gaucho album).


YesYes ++Birdzz - Ocean! Ocean!

One of our very “switched on” listeners Peter C turned us on to YesYes... and it’s kinda like nothing we’ve heard before. I mean, they have freaking bird sounds in the background. This sounds like a Bright Eyes porch party or something and I love it.


YesYes ++Birdzz - Moksha

Did you like that Ocean! Ocean! song? Here is another mouthful from YesYes. Wow.  “All That is Left Is To Love and Be Loved.” if you listen to the end, this is like a singer songwriter orgasm.


Ariel Pink - "Only In My Dreams" 

This is the best song on the new Ariel Pink album "Mature Themes"...not that that's saying much.  (send me your hate mail to @BitCandy).  Kinda a great but cheesy video.  We expected more from Ariel on this album and you can read all about it here, where we're still "waiting for kate."


Turtle Giant - “We Were Kids”

As if I needed another reason to visit Brazil, let’s add these native sons, rockers Turtle Giant.


Poolside - “Next to You”

I refuse to accept the end of summer. I think Poolside feels the same way.


Saint Lou Lou - “Maybe You (Lauer remix)”

These Swedish and Australian twin sisters let Lauer remix their debut single. This sounds like something from the Drive soundtrack. Just as perfect for a late night cruise, as a glam rooftop party.


Grimes - “Genesis” Video

I know I’ve posted this song maybe more than twice now, but my favorite weirdo from Toronto, Grimes, just released the video for "Genesis." It has no plot whatsoever, but it looks super sweet. A little bit Mad Max/Burning Man and a little bit Cher Horowitz from Clueless. The chick with the crazy pink braids is rapper/stripper Brooke Candy. Check out her soundcloud if you’re into super foul-mouthed lady rap.


Count Mack ft. Brooke Candy - “Theme Music”

I was gonna let y’all explore Brooke Candy on your own, but then I watched this video. It’s obviously super low budge, shot in a hotel, a car-wash and various other locales, and featuring some of her stripper friends. This lady’s steez is fully off the chain.

I’ll give you a minute to recover from the ridiculous, trashy, glam who knows what that just went down. In case you all haven’t noticed, I have a weakness for filthy female MCs. THANK YOU GRIMES for featuring her in your video.


Yagya - "The Salt On Her Cheeks" 

I've been loving Icelandic (what other part of the world makes this divine ambient mimalist stuff?) artist / producer Yagya.  Check our our review here on the album and hear more from Yagya.  

Was it worth it? Reading and listening your way this far down the page? I hope y’all still love me as much as the moment we met. Call me, maybe.

LA Music Blog BitCandy, out! Until next week, suckas.

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