BitCandy's Top 12 New Artists for 2013


We can smell the puke, urine and cheap alcohol already.... That can only mean one thing, everybody! NEW YEAR'S EVE IS NEARLY HERE! Once you are over your RAGING hangover (give us one week...minimum), thus begins another year of new music discovery. So...time to roll out our top picks for 2013, yes?! YES! Get these 12 new artists down your neck, as they are gonna be GODDAMN HUGE this time next year! And then you will be free to get all “hipster kitty” on your friends' asses:

Hipster Kitty

Finally, BIG, BIG thanks to our ever-brilliant Curators, who helped us to discover these artists. Did you know that you can become a Curator, too?! Yes SIR! Find out how a little later!


Twenty | One | Pilots “Trees”

Fueled by Ramen's latest signee, Twenty | One | Pilots, will drop their debut album, Vessel, on January 8. Expect these “schizoid pop” Ohioans to do a fun. (stupid period...) and propel point-blank into your neural pathways in 2013 (dibs on a Janelle Monáe collab, anyone?).


Icona Pop “I Love It”

We have been championing Swedish synth cutiepies, Icona Pop, for many, many months now. Several blog-shattering singles later (including “I Love It,” co-written by Charlie XCX) and these sasstastic Scandinavians are FINALLY ready to unleash their debut album on 2013's unsuspecting ass!


Kids Without Instruments “Nausea Nostalgia”

Sometimes...we believe in a band SO much...we sign them. That's exactly what happened when we met Kids Without Instruments. This California synth duo are not even out of math class, yet they are making music up there with their contemporaries ala Crystal Castles and Purity Ring (albeit with a whole lot more charm and a whole lot less pretension). Basically, they blow our teeny tiny minds. Now let them blow yours this 2013.


Delta Rae “Bottom Of The River”

Delta Rae's amazing debut album, Carry the Fire, passed by the rest of the blogosphere like a fart in the wind. But in bright light of The Lumineers (who, oh hai, we were also onto WAY before anyone else) and nu-Americana as a whole, and 2013 could well be the year Delta Rae are finally adopted by the masses.


Chanel West Coast “Eat My Cookie” 

You may best know her as the co-host of MTV's Ridiculousness. Now know Chanel West Coast as Cash Money's newest signing – KA-CHING! 2013's (hotter and considerably less stinky) Kreayshawn?! Nice job, Birdman and Slim. Bring on the debut album!


Mother Falcon “Dirty Summer”

We admit, Mother Falcon also featured in our Top 10 for 2012 list. But deal with it, bro! We remain passionate about this Austin-based alt-orchestra! And we won't stop plugging the insanely talented 18-piece until the world stops and listens. As this is the return of REAL music, ladies and gentleman!  Look out for this special project to release a full length cover album of Radiohead's "Ok Computer."  (sorry wish the audio was a little better on this one). 


Kodaline “All I Want”

Following the success of their self-titled debut EP, Kodaline look set to put Dublin's musical exports to rights next year with their debut full length, which they are currently recording at the studio where Queen laid down “Bohemian Rhapsody.” Orly? Yarly!


Steel Panther “Death To All But Metal”

Without a doubt...Steel Panther are the BEST live band we’ve seen in last five years!  Really?  Yeah...i really mean it!  Does that blow our indie cred? BITE ME! ½ hair metal and ½ Spinal Tap – what's not to love? Drugs, sex and rock 'n' roll - THIS is what a live show should be about! We can't WAIT for Panther's new album in 2013. Will this be the one that FINALLY secures the guys their branding deal with Cover Girl or Aqua Net?!


MS MR “Hurricane”

Our fall was spent VIBING on MS MR's bittersweet debut EP, Candy Bar Creep Show (take a looksie here). Next May, the cryptic Brooklyn-based duo are due to drop a whole album stuffed full of their “Tumblr glitch pop soul fuzz electro-shock.” To quote Rebecca Black (“Friday” is still culturally relevant, right?), “We we we so excited!”



WEFUCKINGLOVE (< imaginative of us, no?) Big Black Delta...and so should you! Fresh from a support slot with M83 (okay well, maybe not THAT fact...we imagine he is quite fucking sweaty) this Los Angelan looks set to tear 2013 TO PIECES with his hXc industrial BELTERS.


Baby Bee “Love Bug”

QUESTION TIME! What do you get if you combine a tablespoon of The Black Keys, with pinch of Lenny Kravitz, with a totally unabashed LASHING of Jet (fuck Pitchfork and their pissing monkey)? Baby Bee, baby! You may have recently caught this sibling duo on The Walking Dead look out for a face melting major label debut in 2013!


A.Chal “Roses On Your Silhouette”

If you was to jackhammer all twelve members of Odd Future into one solitary being and finish them off with a noir-inspired aesthetic...we think they would resemble Ralph Lauren's LA-residing musical director (and 2013's most exciting urban artist?),  A.Chal. And if that sentence didn't sell him to you...then we don't know WHAT will!


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And hey... Happy New Year for a few weeks time, bros and broettes! HUGE thanks for tuning into BitCandy this 2012 - our biggest year yet! We super appreciate it and look forward to spending 2013 with you's gonna be AWESOME!


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