Buckle up boys, 'cause were about to pound all the hot harp action you can handle down your throats. Meet Camille and Kennerly, aka The Harp Twins, aka Kitt Twins, the lovely ladies who are going to take you on a magical journey to places you've already been!
It's We Are The Guard's Top 10 Best 70s TV Show Openings and Intros. So bring out the dusty disco ball because it's gonna be a groovy trip down memory now and get nostalgic.
Teenage highest paid swagatron Justin Bieber is on the run. If you consider yourself a fan of true music, please get on board with this crucial initiative.
The following videos that you are about to watch should never be attempted at home and are to be conducted by true professionals. Thus we present the Worst / Best Twerk Fails Ever!
Katy Perry's latest venture, a turn in a commercial-short film for Popchips, breaks the social contract between a star and their fans. Tell us what you think. Kinda sucks
In 1976, KISS released the highest charting single of their, ahem, illustrious career, Beth. Read on to find out the inspiration behind the lyrics. a nagging wife namely.
Ever wonder what truly bad lip reading would sound like on The Walking Dead? Check out this great Bad Lip Reading video and find out. You won't believe what Rick says.
Let us re-introduce you to The Mighty Boosh, a comedy troupe from Britain, whose scissor-like jokes will chop up your brain into tiny pieces.
Watch as Walt, Jesse, Skyler, Hank, Marie and Walt Jr (or Flynn) are transported back to the mid-1990s, when life was less about blue meth.
Enjoy this collection of bizarre quotes by Kanye. Including amazing video of him screaming I'm on the top of the world in a straight jacket and throwing his mic. Wow.