Teenage highest paid swagatron Justin Bieber is on the run. If you consider yourself a fan of true music, please get on board with this crucial initiative.
The original T-W-E-R-K originated a bit over 20 years ago, long, long before Disney Chipmunk Face (Ciley Myrus) shook her chicken cutlets on stage at the VMA's.
Katy Perry's latest venture, a turn in a commercial-short film for Popchips, breaks the social contract between a star and their fans. Tell us what you think. Kinda sucks
In 1976, KISS released the highest charting single of their, ahem, illustrious career, Beth. Read on to find out the inspiration behind the lyrics. a nagging wife namely.
Ever wonder what truly bad lip reading would sound like on The Walking Dead? Check out this great Bad Lip Reading video and find out. You won't believe what Rick says.