Well congratulations! We did it! We got the April Fools Day present we all deserve— 57 minutes of Jason Derulo singing his own name. Could you even ask for anything better? Would you even want anything more?
We have a wonderful carnival game for you to try. Test your luck at the Indie Wheel of Weirdness. You never know what you’re going to get.
In his epic quest to obtain the ultimate respect for creativity and artistry, Kanye West felt possessed to come on stage during Beck’s album of the year win at the Grammys.
With her punk rock approach of not singing in key, Willow Smith continues to take a step out of conventional musical boundaries with Heart by not keeping up with her own beat.
We all have a thing for viral videos. Admit it. The thought of getting on the bandwagon of the next Numa Numa, Gangnam Style, and Ice Bucket Challenge is something that gets our jollies off rather well.
When St. Tupac preached the virtues of keeping it real with his Thug Life philosophy, little did he know that his teachings would one day turn into dank memes.
You’ve ALWAYS wanted to twerk alongside the Queen of Bounce herself, Big Freedia but didn’t know how. Well, now (thanks to the internet) it’s POSSIBLE! And the most fun you could possibly have looking at your phone.